cmm verification


Testing of coordinate measuring systems (CMMs)


CMM verification servicesStationary CMMs are generally tested at fixed intervals. In order to do this, measuring comparison standards (interferometer) as well as mechanical comparison standards (ball plate, ball bar) are used. These methods are useful and provide reliable information on the measurement uncertainty of the machine. However, as these methods are complex and time consuming, the verification intervals are extended. In some instances no verification is performed between calibration intervals of the system. Shorter verification intervals guarantee that the CMM is always measuring within its specified measurement uncertainty.

The tetronom® is therefore, the ideal verification artefact due to its short set-up and evaluation times. For example, daily or weekly verifications are now possible in view of the cost-effectiveness and process traceability. Using the tetronom® the most important CMM parameters, three linear scales and angle deviations of the major axis are determined. Metronom Pacific Pty. Ltd. offers its customers the CMM verification service.


Testing mobile measuring instruments on site


Mobile coordinate measuring instruments, e.g. laser trackers or measuring arms, are subject to a lot of strain due to transport, frequent assembly and disassembly, dusty and uncontrolled environments, accidental mishandling of the equipment and many other factors. The tetronom® is the ideal artefact to confirm if the coordinate measuring equipment is within its specified measurement uncertainties. Verification before starting a measurement job gives the operator and the client the certainty that the equipment is operating appropriately and that the measurements results are correct and traceable.


Referencing and verification in manufacture


The positioning accuracy of industrial robots generally changes during operation due to temperature variations. These influences can now be recorded and quantified using the tetronom®. Its temperature stability gives the ideal referencing to evaluate the temperature compensating factors of the system.

In production environments the tetronom® offers the possibility to verify machine tools or robots. Due to its three-dimensional structure it appraises the linear scales and the perpendicularity of the system.