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Metronom Pacific is an engineering firm dedicated to offering its clients complete solutions in the area of workholding (for dimensional verification as well as for machining) and, since August 2006, provides products, software and services in the field of 3D laser scanning. The company also provides calibrated, fully traceable artefacts for the verification of coordinate measuring systems.

Metronom Pacific is distributor for the following companies and brands:


Horst Witte Geraetebau, GERMANY:


  • ALUFIX, modular fixturing systems
  • WITTE Vacuum Clamping Technologies


Creaform Inc., CANADA

  • Handyscan3D
  • UNIscan
  • REVscan
  • EXAscan
  • MAXscan
  • VIUscan
  • HandyPROBE
  • MetraSCAN
  • VXelements


AFM Technology, GERMANY


  • Tetronom
  • Octonom


Geomagic, USA 


  • Geomagic Studio
  • Geomagic Qualify


Thirddimension, ENGLAND


  • Gap Gun


Here some of the solutions that Metronom can provide to your organisation:


  • Development of strategies and concepts for dimensional inspection of components.
  • Support and implementation of GD&T (Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing) to your production processes.
  • Optimisation of verification cycles in the field of dimensional inspection of parts, particularly when coordinate measuring systems are used.
  • Turn-key supply of calibrated inspection fixtures and gauges, regardless of size, weight and material of the components to be measured.
  • Modular fixturing systems that will reduce significantly costs and lead times (ALUFIX)
  • Comprehensive fixturing solutions when using vacuum clamping technologies for CNC machining applications (WITTE Vacuum Clamping Technology).
  • Supply and technical support of hand-held, self referencing 3D laser scanning devices: Handyscan3D.
  • Supply, training and technical support for Geomagic software packages.
  • Innovative verification artefact technology (Tetronom)
  • Verification services of coordinate measuring systems (CMM, measuring arms, laser scanners and trackers, photogrammetric systems)