The GapGun is an easy to use device to measure accurately gaps & flushness. It can take multiple; contact free readings up to ten times faster than conventional methods. The GapGun displays on its coloured touch screen all the measurement results as well as all its functions and menus.


The Gap Gun provides an important improvement in accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility compared to traditional measurement devices like callipers, slip, depth, and taper gauges. The GapGun does not have the disadvantages of these conventional devices, which are open to errors, show inconsistencies between operators, and come in contact with the surface with the possibility of damaging it. The Gap Gun minimizes all these inconveniences with its laser triangulation by Revolution Enhancement Technology (RET). It is a light, hand-held device, which communicates by Wi-Fi with the computer. The operator is free to take measurements within the range of the Wi-Fi system enhancing his/her productivity and efficiency without compromising in accuracy of measurement.


The interchangeable laser heads of the GapGun offer a resolution range from 0.01 to 0.08 mm and a field of view between 7 and 80 mm giving the user wide range gap widths that can be measured (0.1 mm to 50 mm). The SPC3D software supplied with the GapGun is user friendly and provides multiple options of data management and reporting as well as a tool to set up complex and lengthy check plans. These check plans define the sequence of measurements with the appropriate virtual tool and orientation that have to be done on the object. It also guide the operator to the spot where a measurement has to be taken.


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  • Handheld, portable and battery powered device
  • Wi-Fi connection gives the operator freedom of movement
  • Its small size and low weight (less than 600 g) guarantees it can be used even in the most confined areas and it does not obstruct the operator to do other work




  • Light and small device with a robust design
  • Data collection is automatic, therefore it eliminates paperwork
  • Short training cycles for the operator
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) facilitates comprehensive planning, collection and analysis of measurement data




  • User friendly colour touch screen that shows menus, virtual tools, measurement results as well as check plans
  • Easy to customise menu system
  • On-screen graphics
  • Photographs upload automatically to the large colour touch screen, guiding the operators to the correct point of measurement






  • Over 6 hours under continuous measurement with the portable battery
  • Typical operating range of 30 metres
  • Supports WEP and WPA/PSK wireless security protocols
  • Measurement results are sent automatically to the PC for data storage and evaluation
  • Measurement of gap and flushness (also known as step or mismatch)
  • The GapGun also can also measure height, width, radii, bore diameters, countersunk bores, perpendicularity, angles, scratches, rivet protrusion and chamfers
  • Contact free measurement to eliminate surface damage
  • Can take measurements on any surface: soft, plastic, translucent, shiny, etc
  • Measurement can be taken on confined or hard to reach areas


Aplications of gapgun for the automotive industry



  • Finished vehicles
  • Body-in-White/ unpainted vehicles
  • Dashboard and interior trim
  • Engine and gearbox
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Pilot Hall and prototyping
  • Stamping
  • Sub frames
  • Glass
  • Ring gauges and checker blocks
  • Steering wheels
  • Sealant beads


Gapgun applications aerospace industry


  • Gap & flush measurement on major components
  • External body panels
  • Composite panels
  • Carbon fibre layering
  • Rivet protrusion
  • Turbine blade leading and trailing edges
  • Scratches and dents
  • Chamfers and radii
  • Measurements to jigs and fixtures




  • Robotic measurement
  • Measurement of white goods
  • Monitoring of service life of high value items
  • Measurement of blast damage
  • Drum and brake pad inspection


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