tool lifecycle management


Metronom Pacific offers to its clients who purchased complete inspection fixtures or gauges the Tool Lifecycle Management (TLM) as an additional service. This scheme accompanies the dimensional checking fixture during its entire lifecycle, guaranteeing that the tool will always be within its design specifications and once it is decommissioned all the standard components can be made available for new projects. The reusability of the fixture components is considered and incorporated into the early concepts and designs of the tool. Metronom always integrates into its designs and concepts as many modular (standard) ALUFIX components that, once the gauge is decommissioned can be utilised for new fixturing or gauging projects reducing significantly the fixturing costs. From the environmental point of view it helps your company to reduce its waste and increase its recycling rate. The TLM also minimises the storage area that has to be kept for decommissioned gauges as the disassembled fixtures occupy less space that the assembled one.


Tool lifecycle Management