CNC Vacuum Workholding


Application of Vacuum

"Otto von Guericke (1602-1686) studied the application of vacuum and the forces related to it.His famous experiment of 1657, where two evacuated hemispheres needed 24 horses to be pulled apart, demonstrated the power of vacuum"



Clamping components for CNC machining with vacuum is a well established and reliable technology. The company Horst Witte Geraetebau in Germany has developed a complete range of vacuum fixtures, helping the manufacturing industry to find the most efficient and productive workholding procedure. Aspects like workholding force, material of the component, cycle time and many others are essential to determine the optimum system for your CNC machining application.


What are the advantages of Vacuum Fixtures?


  • Fast clamping cycles, clamping and release of the component from the vacuum fixture is done within seconds.
  • Vacuum fixtures reduce the risk of damaging the component’s surface.
  • The component is clamped stress free on the vacuum chuck.
  • Vibration during machining is eliminated, particularly when large, flexible or thin components are clamped using vacuum.
  • Apart from the surface, which is resting on the vacuum chuck, all other component’s surfaces are available for machining - that means multi-face machining is possible (max. 5 sides) during one clamping procedure. Obtaining therefore:
    • No risk of having a collision of the cutter with one of the clamps.
    • Shorter machining times.
    • Less idle time for expensive machining centres.
    • Therefore, increased productivity and reduction of the manufacturing costs.
  • Witte Vacuum Workholding
  • Suitable for many materials:
    • Aluminium and other non ferrous metals
    • All sorts of plastics
    • Glass, wood, rubber, ceramic, graphite, foils etc.
    • Steel (does not become magnetised during clamping)
    • Even porous materials can be clamped under certain conditions.
  • Suitable for many procedures:
    • Milling, grinding, turning, eroding.
    • Testing and measuring.
    • Coating, polishing
    • Assembly
    • Drilling, rubbing and counter-sinking under certain conditions.

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