Vacuum Workholding


Vacuum Workholding Flip PodThis modular vacuum clamping system can be used for machining different types of work pieces. It is especially suitable for milling and drilling large components in plastic, wood, glass and non-ferrous metals.

The polymer FLIP-PODs can be used on all normal CNC milling machines and in certain cases on drilling machines.

The vacuum clamping elements (FLIP-PODs) lie embedded in the pod-plate (FLIP-POD base plate = machine table) when not in use. To activate a FLIP-POD it has to be flipped over from its resting cavity.. This technology reduces significantly the set up times of the clamping area. The active (upturned) pods stand up 25 mm above the top surface allowing the machining of the component’s edges. The profiling of the component is also possible. Using spacers, the height can be extended by a further 12.5mm. Fixed and retractable stops guarantee a good position repeatability of the workpiece on the machining table.

Usually the FLIP-POD system requires a pump with a high suction capacity. 60-100 m³/h is required for each 1 m² area. Up to 100 FLIP-PODs can be used for that area depending on the cavity distribution and the pitch between the pods.

When using the FLIP-POD System thickness and flatness tolerances of ±0,07mm are achievable. For tighter tolerances and face milling, the FLIP-PODs made of high-tensile aluminium are recommended.Vacuum Workholding Flip Pod

For accurate machining, Witte has developed the FLIP-PODs manufactured in high tensile aluminium with a special lip seal.
The advantage of this system is that the work piece does not rest on the rubber of the pod’s sealing lip but directly on the top surface of the aluminium pod. Accurate dimensions are kept within the FLIP-POD tolerances during face milling.

The accuracy and height of the aluminium FLIP-PODs are in thea range of 0,02mm. A special spiral shaped suction slot on the pod’s upper surface ensures an optimum vacuum distribution. The lip seals are ca 5mm high with Shore hardness A of 70. Because the lip seals are relatively soft and thin, slight unevenness and rough and uneven surfaces, i.e. sand castings, can easily be clamped.

The FLIP-POD system can therefore be used also for accurate face milling. Generally, this system is ideally suitable for machining very large work pieces, i.e. aluminium plates.

Vacuum Workholding fixture
The 25mm height between work piece and pod-plate allows machining of recess and chamfering. Side drilling can take place during the same clamping procedure. Through cutting is possible simply by flipping the pods into the pod-plate along/around the work piece area concerned. The same pod plates can be used for polymer and aluminium FLIP-PODs; a combination of the two is also possible.





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