CNC vacuum workholding : Grid Chucks


Vacuum Grid ChucksThe grid vacuum chucks are ideal for clamping flat components with simple geometries and without perforations. They consist of a high grade aluminium plate machined to extreme flatness and parallelism to improve the achievable tolerances on the machining centre. The top surface of the chuck has a groove system with the purpose of distributing the air flow underneath the clamped component. To seal off the component an O-ring is pressed into the grooves of the grid plate delimiting its contour. The O-ring also compensates up to 1 mm of the surface unevenness. Warped work pieces can be flattened against the precise flat surface of the grid plate, achieving therefore extremely low tolerance values. The grid vacuum chucks are suitable for grinding, milling or turning applications.


The WITTE grid chucks are available as modular, units that can be interconnected to form a large array or can also be ordered to specific dimensions and special grid arrangement.

Vacuum Grid Chuck for lathe Vacuum Grid Chuck Vacuum Grid Chuck Modular Grid Vacuum Chucks

Grid vacuum chuck for a lathe

Any machine can be retrofitted with a grid vacuum chuck

The grid vacuum chuck used for a grinding application

The modular grid plates are easily interconnected.


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