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Witte ALUFIX Fixture

ALUFIX is a set of precision modular components, manufactured mainly in high tensile strength aluminium that can be easily interconnected using standard hand tools to construct metrology and inspection fixtures. The modularity and reusability of the system, as well as the high accuracy of the individual components, secure a faster and more efficient way of fabricating the jigs and fixtures required for the inspection and verification of manufactured goods. As all the ALUFIX components can be used many times the fixturing costs can be reduced substantially. The high position accuracy of the system grid points guarantee a good assembly repeatability as well as fast and efficient calibration of the contact and datum points on the fixture.




Rapid Fixturing in the CMM Laboratory:


For this application we recommend the acquisition of an ALUFIX basic set. The metrologist assembles the fixtures as required enhancing the productivity in the metrology room. The metrologist knows best what the fixturing requirements are and how to fix and clamp the part without distorting it. With ALUFIX he has now the tool to assemble quickly the required measuring fixture.

Witte ALUFIX inspection fixture


Inspection Fixtures:


To verify a manufactured product, usually the part has to be mounted on a fixture or jig where the mounting points simulate the mounting points on the assembly. The mounting points on the fixture have to be calibrated to a very narrow specification. This type of gauges assembled with ALUFIX offer the fast and efficient calibration of these contact points. All the standard ALUFIX components can be recycled for the next project when the fixture is decommissioned.


Witte ALUFIX Verification Gauges

Verification Gauges


Used when the verification of the part is not done by measuring the part with a coordinate measuring machine or device (CMM) but by inspecting the part in reference to a gauging surface or contour blade. The ALUFIX system can be used to provide the accurate support structure for the individual mounting points as well as for the blades and control surfaces.




Witte Alufix Data Control Models

Data Control Models (DCM)


Used in the early development of a new car model. The design surfaces of the external skin are reproduced, usually using a machineable plastic material (Ureol), on a 1:1 scale and then mounted on a rigid and accurate frame. The characteristics of ALUFIX are very much suited for this application as the DCM are sed only during the development stages of the vehicle. Reusability of the elements has a positive effect on the costs.


Witte Alufix Inner and Outer Cubings

Inner and Outer Cubings


Designed to mount the first off-tool or off-press components of a new vehicle. The parts are mounted onto the cubing using the mounting points as in the vehicle to inspect the component in reference to its surroundings. The ALUFIX systems offer the ideal infrastructure to construct these highly sophisticated jigs to mount on calibrated reference points the car components.



FEATURE / Benefits of the ALUFIX System:




High accuracy of the ALUFIX components

  • Fast assembly and calibration.
  • High repeatability when assembling the same fixture.
  • High position repeatability of the component on the fixture.


  • Short delivery times of the standard ALUFIX components reducing project realisation times.
  • Short design times as all the standard components are in CAD libraries.
  • Efficient design procedures.
  • Re-usability of all the components for future projects.
  • Fast assembly and calibration.
  • Modifications of a fixture are fast and cost effective.
  • Re-usability of the ALUFIX components reduces fixturing costs significantly.

Majority of the ALUFIX components are manufactured in high strength aluminium

  • Weight of the fixtures is 1/3 of conventional steel structures.
  • Corrosion  free
  • Easy to handle the individual components.
  • Minimises accident risks during assembly.

More tan 2,000 individual ALUFIX components.

  • Efficient design of fixtures as the designer will find the appropriate component to solve a particular fixturing problem.
  • The overall costs of a fixturing project are always known as the bill of material is connected to the price list of the ALUFIX components.

Fixtures components are assembled with ALUFIX connectors.

  • Quick and accurate of assembly of the fixtures.
  • No welding of components.
  • Modifications and adjustments can be made on the spot.
  • Decommissioned fixtures or gauges can be disassembled for storage, minimising storage space.


The different grid sizes of the ALUFIX range give the user the prospect of finding the right set of components to solve a particular fixturing task. There are four ALUFIX grid sizes: 16, 25, 40 and 50. The ALUFIX grid size represents the distance in millimetres between the centre points of the system grid bores. Therefore, no fixturing job is too small or too large for the ALUFIX product range.

The ALUFIX components can be used in the metrology laboratory, where holding and inspection fixtures are assembled as required, giving the metrologist a tool to fix and clamp  any component in an accurate and repeatable way, regardless of size, weight, shape or complexity of the datuming system of the part.

For dimensional inspection of components in the manufacturing process, where the fixtures have to comply with strict accuracy specifications, fast clamping and positioning cycles and have to withstand the harsh conditions in a production environment, ALUFIX has proven its efficiency as well as its viability  over the years in many projects all around the world.

The ALUFIX components can be acquired individually or as complete basic sets. METROM is the exclusive agent for the ALUFIX product range in Australia and offers the technical and logistical support and expertise to assist the clients with their fixturing and gauging projects.

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