Alufix Components


Witte Alufix Base Plates



The ALUFIX range offers different types of base plates helping the designer to find the right base for the specific project. Considerations of size, weight as well as environment and accuracy specifications determine the type of base plate to be used. The base plates are supplied with the standard grid system of 16, 25, 40 and 50 mm.

Witte Alufix standard bars





The range of bars, solid and extruded, with different cross sections goes up to lengths of 6 m. They are also available in the standard ALUFIX grid systems.



Witte Alufix struts




The ALUFIX range offers different families of struts and braces to give rigidity to the fixture. The versatile universal strut with its adjustable length gives the designer the necessary flexibility to guarantee access to the different sections of the fixture components


Witte Alufix grid elements




The vast selection of adjustable ALUFIX components offers the designer the necessary tools to reach any point in space as well as the capability of calibrate the contact points to narrow positioning specifications.



Witte Alufix top sections




The top sections are the interface between the fixture and the component to be measured or gauged. A large selection of locating points is offered to comply with the requirement of the project. Locating the object on the fixture in a repeatable way depends on the right choice of contact point, which also has to satisfy the GD&T specifications of the part.



Witte Alufix clamping elements



The clamping elements fix the component on the fixture in order that measurements can be performed on the part. One important factor that has always to be considered is that the clamping should not distort the component nor push it away from its datum and contact surfaces.


Witte Alufix connectors




A comprehensive range of connectors make the assembly of ALUFIX fixtures fast and efficient but extremely sturdy. Modifications on a fixture are very simple and cost effective as modifications and adjustments can be done on the spot without having to move the fixture from the metrology site.